Community Coalition for End of Life Care

About The Community Coalition for End of Life Care

Community Coalition for End of Life CareWho we are:
We are a volunteer working group of health care providers, administrators, educators and representatives from the law, arts and religious communities trying to improve how we, as a community, care for those near the end of their lives.

Our Mission:
The Community Coalition for End of Life Care promotes healing, comfort and affirmation near the end of life for all. Through collaborative efforts the Coalition shall advance awareness, responsiveness and access to care.

Our shared vision:

Our immediate goals:
To bring together a greater community understanding of end of care issues and how to access end of life care, starting with renewed education efforts focused on our medical community.

Our long range goals:
Our Coalition will also be focused on educating the community about the services that are presently available, improving linkages and coordination between agencies, developing tools and potentially additional services to promote quality care, and creating cultural and social awareness related to the needs of this population.

Our structure:
Our Coalition has been meeting once per month. Meetings are co-facilitated by Phil Lawson, MD and Inga Johnson, MS. We have had good attendance by a number of area providers and individuals.

Current membership:
We would like to broaden membership to any interested parties who wish to take part. Presently representatives from local hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, community health agencies, home health agencies, religious, legal and educational groups take part as well as members of the local communities.

To learn more:
If you are interested in joining our Coalition, or for more information, please contact Phil Lawson, MD, at Ammonoosuc Community Health Services (444-2464) or Inga Johnson, Director of Hospice and Palliative Care Services at North Country Home Health and Hospice Agency (444-5317)